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ORDER TOTAL MUST BE 10 pounds or more

Ground Beef: $5.25/lbs.

Beef Stew $5.99/lb
Boneless Roast: $5.49/lb
Chuck Roast: $4.99/lb
Steaks (Sirloin, T-Bone, Ribeye): $7.99/lb
Boneless Steaks: $8.99/lb

Short Ribs: $4.99/lb
Meat & bone (Desi Style): $4.49/lb

CrossCut Shank with bone $4.49/lb

ORDER Full or Half Beef

You can order Half or Full Beef and get your choice of cuts.

Half animal – $3.99/lb hanging weight.

Full animal – $3.79/lb hanging weight.

You can request from 250 lb and above hanging weight whole animal.

** Price includes processing and packaging.

** We have options of grass fed and Organic beef.